You may well have learned about us through our original name, Twisted Tree, which had been the name of our winery since we first opened in 2004.

In the dark of winter 2011, we made the bold move to change our identity to Moon Curser Vineyards - a name that captures many colourful stories of the Osoyoos area, as well as the renegade spirit of our winemaking.

We are:

Chris Tolley

Software Engineer by training. Farmer and winemaker by day, or so I claim. My academic year at NZ’s Lincoln University gave me a soft spot for offbeat varietals with loads of personality. “You got something special for me?”


Beata Tolley

The shingle outside my office reads “Chartered Accountant”, but I’ll admit that this may well be a front. Also trained in viticulture and oenology at Lincoln University, I manage the inner workings of Moon Curser. “Nothing clandestine is going on here. Just look the other way.”


Brian Dorosz

Our lookout, ... err, ... Vineyard Manager. His keen eye for detail, and meticulous approach to wine growing is a key contribution to our ongoing winemaking success. Nothing slips by this guy. Nothing.