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Wine Club

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Club Benefits



Moon Curser: Brand Element - Donkey We like the looks of you, and we'll treat you right. Look, it's just a dented, rusty truck that delivers the goods; don't expect white gloves either. But the deal is sweet, and you and your unsavoury friends will enjoy the wines.

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You can change club shipment contents, prior to billing, so you only get the wines you want.

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Club Discount

10% or 15% off all wine purchases in excess of your wine club shipments.

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Free Shipping

FREE SHIPPING on 6+ bottle orders. Subsidized shipping rates for smaller orders.

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Guaranteed Access

Get dibs on new releases, and even fancy and rare stuff like our small lot wines. Makes you feel special, don't it?

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Complimentary Tastings

Book a free Wine Tasting for you and three of your pals (excludes Private Winemaker Tour & Tasting - but club discount applies).

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Exclusive Club Releases

We have a secret stash. If we feel like it, we may share it with you. Tell no one.


In The Know

One Case Club
10% Club discount on additional wine purchases.

Spring x12

  • One case per year commitment
  • One shipment of 12 bottles
  • Shipment price determined by wines selected


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Highly Suspicious

Two Case Club
15% Club discount on additional wine purchases.

Spring x12
Fall x12

  • Two case per year commitment
  • Two shipments of 12 bottles, frequently from our limited releases
  • Shipment price determined by wines selected


Join Now

Questions? Please call the winery at (250) 495-5161 or email our Wine Smuggling Operations Coordinator at

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Moon Curser Bottles

Smuggle Additional Bottles

The majority of our portfolio is made up of small lot wines that vanish very quickly over the busy Osoyoos summer season. Shipping 12 bottles of our new releases to you in the spring will ensure that you are able to taste the new wines right at the beginning of the season.

This way, if you fall in love with one of our smaller lot wines like, say, our Tannat or Arneis, you will be able to lay your claim to additional bottles at your club discount and free shipping (6+ bottle orders) before the wine is gone.