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Beppi Crosariol
April 4, 2017 | Beppi Crosariol

The Globe & Mail - Dolcetto: Red Italian varietal creates wines that are like a smile in a bottle

"If wines were emojis, dolcetto would be that one with the grinning teeth and open eyes. It's a cheerful red par excellence. A smile in a bottle.

In a world where serious, cellar-worthy reds tend to dominate discourse, simpler, lighter fare can struggle for attention. Yet there's fun and happy pleasure to be had in many wines that offer more modest refreshment. Dolcetto is those things, too: refreshing and fun."

"In Italian, the name means "little sweet one," a reference to the dolcetto grape's low acidity. Despite its naturally sweet profile, though, wines made from the fruit are almost always dry." 

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