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Anthony Gismondi
July 17, 2022 | Anthony Gismondi

Gismondi on Wine - Moon Curser Malbec 2020 - 91 points

"Moon Curser Malbec 2020 - 91 Points - 16 3/4 / 20

Osoyoos, Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, Canada. A thin-skinned grape, malbec adores heat within reason. Thus, it is well suited to the south Okanagan and its Osoyoos East Bench home. At Moon Curser, 2020 is described as an "unforgettable season" that "allowed for fantastic flavour development and balanced accumulation of sugars and acidity." Post its stainless steel ferment, the wine is aged in 225L barriques (25% new). It is a juicy mix of spice and blueberries streaked with violets, earth, and a touch of milk chocolate. Attractive, warm and spicy, this will have many fans. Barbecue ribs come swiftly to mind. The tannins are dense and long but should only be a mid-term interference. Very well done.


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