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Crystal Coverdale
December 13, 2023 | Crystal Coverdale

Moon Curser Holiday Music Mix on Spotify

Do you know the story behind our winery name? You might have seen our Spotify Moon Curser playlists in the past that are full of clues to help you figure it out. Now it's time for a Holiday version! Hard to believe it's possible but the man with the bag is known for smuggling gifts around the world at night..... 

Our Moon Curser Holiday Mix playlist by Crystal Coverdale is now available on Spotify for your listening pleasure.

Note: you need a (free) Spotify account to listen.

and if you missed our non-holiday playlists:

Our Moon Curser #4 Mix playlist by Beata Tolley.

Moon Curser #3 Mix Spotify playlist by Beata Tolley

Moon Curser #2 Mix Spotify playlist by Beata Tolley

Moon Curser #1 Mix Spotify playlist by Beata Tolley

What makes these playlists Moon Curser-y, you say...? there's definitely a theme, and you will not have much trouble spotting it once you glance at the titles. If you don't quite know the history behind our winery name, the playlists should provide many a clue along with an eclectic selection of what we hope will become your favourites. 

And if you’re still not sure after listening: here’s the whole tale of the Moon Curser name: About Moon Curser's name.

We’re always working on adding to the playlists; suggestions are great if anyone’s so inclined. Email them to


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