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Neal McLennan
May 28, 2019 | Neal McLennan

Western Living Magazine - 5 Italian White Grapes You’re Mispronouncing

"For years I didn’t order wine made with the Ribolla Gialla grape in a restaurant because I wasn’t 100-percent sure how to say it. Ditto the grape Grillo from Sicily (which I love): do I pronounce either of the Ls? But never fear – we’re hear to knock of few of your fears from their perch.


Arneis The pride of Piedmont, this nearly extinct grape is now back in vogue thanks to its full bodied nature that channels soft pears and apricots. It’s pronounced Ahr-NAYZ

The Bottle Moon Curser Arneis $23 If you can find Vietti, it’s the pinnacle of the grape (and the winery was, along with Bruno Giacosa, the saviours of the grape), but it’s pricey and tough to locate. So let’s go for the wonderful homegrown version from Moon Curser – a treasure and a steal at the same time."

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