'Boughs of BORDER VINES' Pack

'Boughs of BORDER VINES' Pack

Enjoy the "Boughs of BORDER VINES' pack this holiday season for a special 6-pack vertical discovery of this delicious blend.

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Osoyoos East Bench interprets Bordeaux: our Border Vines is a delicious blend of traditional Bordeaux grape varieties. This vertical set of 6 bottles includes one library bottle from 2011 through to 2016, inclusive. A great opportunity to revisit how our blend components changed over the years and observe how wine changes in bottle as it ages.

This vertical set has one bottle of each:

2011 Border Vines

2012 Border Vines

2013 Border Vines

2014 Border Vines

2015 Border Vines

2016 Border Vines

Only 50 sets available

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