Deck the Halls with 'DEAD OF NIGHT, Deconstructed'

Deck the Halls with 'DEAD OF NIGHT, Deconstructed'

Or shall we call this 'Fellow Wine Geeks at Heart, Rejoice'? This is the first and only chance to taste our flagship Dead of Night blend alongside its two component grape varieties, Syrah and Tannat. 

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Our flagship wine, 'Dead of Night', is an intriguing blend of Syrah and Tannat. For the first time ever, we're offering a 6 bottle, two vintage year, set of Dead of Night alongside its component grape varieties from the same vintage. We hope you enjoy identifying the flavour contributions that each of the wines brings to the blend. And who knows - perhaps you will even try to blend your own version of Dead of Night in your glass...😎 Let us know the results. 

Our 'DEAD OF NIGHT, Deconstructed' includes:

2012 Dead of Night

2012 Syrah

2012 Tannat

2013 Dead of Night

2013 Syrah

2013 Tannat

Only 20 sets available

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Our Club Members get priority access; please login to purchase. Remaining stock will be available for public release on Nov 19.