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News are a few reports and unconfirmed rumours from various sources. Some credible, others,... well.


Terry David Mulligan
July 1, 2023 | Terry David Mulligan

Tasting Room Radio - July 1, 2023 - "Another 'walk in the neighbourhood'"

Interview with Beata & Chris Tolley – Owners of Moon Curser, starts at ~32:14 to 47:56.

You'll hear updates from Beata about some of the big awards Moon Curser wines have won recently, like the 2021 Syrah, 2021 Contraband Syrah and 2021 Malbec that won Double Gold at the 2023 All Canadian Wine Championships. Starting at 38:13 hear them talk about our wines - Terry asks Chris about how sparkling wines Eclipse and Moonlit came to be, then chimes in that with the Eclipse Traditional Method Roussanne Marsanne he “Meant to taste, just the neck…I cleaned it out!”. Starting at 44:36 Terrys ask a question to Beata and Chris regarding Moon Curser celebrating 20 years since planting their vineyards…“What do you want to do with the next 20 years?”.

Listen to "Another 'walk in the neighbourhood'"

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Beata Tolley
May 26, 2023 | Beata Tolley

Moon Curser Music #4 Mix

Do you know the story behind our winery name? Here’s our Spotify Moon Curser playlist that is all clues to help you figure it out!

Our Moon Curser #4 Mix playlist by Beata Tolley is now available on Spotify for your listening pleasure.

Note: you need a (free) Spotify account to listen.

and if you missed our first playlists:

Moon Curser Music #3 Mix Spotify playlist by Beata Tolley

Moon Curser Music #2 Mix Spotify playlist by Beata Tolley

Moon Curser Music #1 Mix Spotify playlist by Beata Tolley

What makes these playlists Moon Curser-y, you say...? there's definitely a theme, and you will not have much trouble spotting it once you glance at the titles. If you don't quite know the history behind our winery name, the playlists should provide many a clue along with an eclectic selection of what we hope will become your favourites. 

And if you’re still not sure after listening: here’s the whole tale of the Moon Curser name: About Moon Curser's name.

We’re always working on adding to the playlists; suggestions are great if anyone’s so inclined. Email them to

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CTV News .
April 19, 2023 | CTV News .

CTV Morning Live - Moon Curser with Mona Mahmoud

Last week Destination Osoyoos had Mona Mahmoud from CTV Vancouver in town to show off some must-visit spots in Osoyoos and she visited Moon Curser to chat with our winemaker Christian.

Watch CTV Morning Live Moon Curser segment

Check out all six Osoyoos businesses featured on Vancouver news

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Anthony Gismondi
March 29, 2023 | Anthony Gismondi

The Vancouver Sun - Anthony Gismondi: B.C. wine for the week of Mar 29 - Moon Curser Roussanne Marsanne 2021 - 89 points

Moon Curser Roussanne Marsanne 2021, Osoyoos, Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, Canada 

89 points

"this 82/18 mix of Roussanne/Marsanne sourced from the home vineyard on the Osoyoos East Bench is another winner."

Read Anthony Gismondi's BC Wine for the Week review here.

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Great Northwest Wine .
January 27, 2023 | Great Northwest Wine .

Great Northwest Wine - Platinum winning Moon Curser wine reviews

We are delighted that three Moon Curser wines won Platinum medals at the 2022 Great Northwest Wine Platinum Awards! A competition that only gold medal winning wines are invited to enter.

Kudos to our fab winemaking and vineyard team who are busy working hard getting our vines ready for the spring season and wines ready for the bottling. 

Read the full wine reviews at the below links:

Moon Curser Vineyards Arneis 2021 - Highlight - "At this point, it could be viewed as the standard for the variety in the Northwest because of its critical success, structure and scale of production."

Moon Curser Vineyards Malbec 2020 - Highlight - "Perched above Lake Osoyoos near the Crowsnest Highway, New Zealand-trained founding winemaker Chris Tolley and Christian Scagnetti continue to wow critics for their brilliance with varieties that many consumers are unfamiliar with. Malbec is among those."

Moon Curser Vineyards Touriga Nacional 2020 - Highlight - "Several years ago, winemaker Chris Tolley amazed our Platinum panel with his Carménère, so it makes sense that his dry expression with this Port variety would achieve Platinum, too".

All three are SOLD OUT at the winery. Some availablity through private retailers and restaurants in BC, see Conspirators page.

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Darren Oleksyn
January 7, 2023 | Darren Oleksyn

Calgary Herald - "New wines for a new year"

"Check out these bottles made from lesser-known grapes this winter...

Even in Canada, you can find wines made from less common varietals. Some of my favourites are Moon Curser’s brawny Touriga Nacional, Stags Hollow’s waxy, citrus-inflected Albarino, both from the Okanagan Valley, and the meaty, cherry-infused baco noirs from Henry of Pelham in Ontario’s Niagara Peninsula. They are all worth seeking, though quantities are generally small and sell out quickly. ..."

Read "New wines for a new year".

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Kirsten Wendlandt
January 6, 2023 | Kirsten Wendlandt

11 Best Wineries in Oliver & Osoyoos, BC

"Looking for the best wineries in Oliver & Osoyoos to visit during your stay in the sunny Okanagan?"

We were delighted to have Kirsten Wendlandt feature Moon Curser, along with a few of our neighbouring wineries in the South Okanagan.

View The Best Wineries in Osoyoos article.

You can also get more ideas on what our town is like in the Osoyoos Travel Guide

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Daenna Van Mulligan
December 12, 2022 | Daenna Van Mulligan - WineDiva's Annual Holiday Lists

We're delighted to see the following Moon Curser wines in Daenna Van Mulligen, WineDiva's Annual Holiday Lists. Click on the heading to view the lists.

Top 50: 2022

Moon Curser Contraband Syrah 2020

Gift Bottles 2022

Moon Curser Viognier 2021

Sparkling Wines 2022

Moon Curser Moonlit 2021

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Nuvo Magazine .
December 1, 2022 | Nuvo Magazine .

Nuvo Magazine - "The Must-Have Advent Calendars of the Season"

"With gift shopping, cookie baking, and tree decorating in full swing, navigating the world of advent calendars is not for the faint of heart. We’ve made a list and checked it twice: from coffee to beauty, NUVO has curated Advent calendars that promise to deliver festive fun.


Moon Curser Wine Advent Calendar

Over at Moon Curser winery, it’s all elves on deck wrapping the brand’s wine Advent calendar, featuring 12 mystery bottles. Moon Curser makes wine from varieties like touriga nacional and dolcetto (both super rare for the Okanagan) so they’re the perfect pick for the oenophile. This year’s box includes current releases (including some that are sold out) plus library wines from the cellar."

Read full "Must-Have Advent Calendars of the Season" article.

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Allison Markin
November 2, 2022 | Allison Markin

Castanet - Award-winning B.C. wines abound in 2022

"...The Platinum Awards held by Great Northwest Wine, covering wines from the Pacific Northwest, recently wrapped up. The competition is only open to wines that have prior gold medal wins.

B.C. took home a handful of platinum awards. Moon Curser Vineyards in Osoyoos gathered a few for some varietals that rarely have a starring role in the Okanagan—the 2020 Touriga Naçional, 2020 Malbec (both bold reds) and the 2021 Arneis, a white wine common to Italy’s Piedmont region...."

View Allison Markin's article Award-winning B.C. wines abound in 2022

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